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Experience DNA in VR

Our mission is to replace traditional methods of learning about cellular functions with immersive VR experiences. 

VR Goggles


Life is in 3D. And learning about it should be, too.

Cells are beautiful and 3-dimensional. Traditional methods of teaching cellular functions are not.

DNAVR aims to replace worksheets and websites by transporting students inside of a cell. They can swim around the cytoplasm, touch the ribosome, and build mRNA strands with their own hands.


Most importantly, with DNAVR, students assume an active role in their learning. They are responsible for facilitating cellular functions with their own eyes and hands. DNAVR strengthens learning and helps students actively engage with the content, increasing retention and enjoyment.


What will you learn in DNAVR?

See some gameplay highlights below, and click on the button to see our important development updates in the Development Log.

Transcription: Build an mRNA strand

Bring the mRNA to a Ribosome

Translation: Build a protein by bringing over tRNA

Bring the protein to the cell membrane to earn points

Defend the cell against viruses by buying lysosomes with lysocoins

Get Started

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